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Facing the New Normal with Jean Wu

Jean Wu from AUG Study, shares her insights on pursuit of a dream career in International Educational sector and global student mobility.

Innovation Talk with Chris-Ann-Kelly

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Read on to know more about the exceptional counselling strategies used in 2020 by Chris-Ann, when some agencies were skeptical about trying new ways to reach aspiring applicants.

Motivation Bytes from Kamila Zak

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One of the heart-touching stories of Kamila Zak is how she turned her challenges during the pandemic into opportunities by creating employment opportunities for five women by inviting them to work for her.

Future of Student Recruitment Business

Ganga Dandapani, Senior Vice President of Canam Consultants – One of GUS’s Prime Partner, reveals her leadership secrets to enrolling 2,500 students each year. Read more to know how you can do it too.