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UK sets the pace as a fore-runner for Vaccination Drive

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Facing the New Normal in UK with ULAW’s Fall Intake 2021

Today’s Covid update webinar was a great success with a relevant cohort of our international agent partners joining in on the live streaming from across the globe with dozens of hopeful higher educational aspirants looking forward to getting back to face-to-face lessons.

Our directors of recruitment, Stephen Carlton and Kelvin Jones put together quite a comprehensive session on all the changes that have been made in the UK since May 17th in view of the covid situation in UK and ULAW’s advice for new students. Students can now study with confidence with all the safety measures in place.

Successful Vaccination Drive: Effectiveness proven

The positive statistics from the drive show almost 77% of the adult population vaccinated with the first dose. From the start of January this year, there has been quite a rapid progress with a large percentage of the population following all the safety norms and this eventually shows in a sharp decline with the daily number of patients getting admitted in the hospitals.

A steady decline in the number of infections since the start of this year has led to the lockdown rules being eased by the government since May 17th 2021.

Back to Public Life 

It is amazing to see how UK has set a great example to other countries. People can meet in groups in houses and can go out to restaurants, pubs, theatres, cinemas, and Universities. Life feels back to normal in the UK. People are using public transport by strictly adhering to the safety norms by wearing masks and following social distancing.

Traffic Light Scanning 

All international arrivals are sifted through a traffic lights system with Red, Amber and Green list rules for entering England. The best part of this system is that any person who is not tested positive is exempted from Quarantine. The Amber list has increased significantly and is anticipated to move to green list with the increase in the vaccination drives.

ULAW’s Campus Measures are set to build more confidence in the Study Aspirants:

As UK returns back to the pre-pandemic times of normality, ULAW hopes to extend all the safety and sustainability for all our international students for the Fall Intake 2021.

For those of you who have missed out on our seminar, please watch the video HERE


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